Thursday, November 1, 2012


Welcome back to MADDERer Men. To all those long term readers who now hate me, because of my long unannounced sabbatical, please throw as much anger and rage in the comments section as you want.

Anyway, to kick off the new batch I'm going to post a new comic everyday of November and all the male characters will have terrible vector moustaches. Why? Because I'm participating in Movember, which if you are unfamiliar with the concept, is a month long global moustache growing event to raise awareness for men's health issues - namely prostate cancer.

Since, a 5 year old Greek child would be embarrassed by my facial hair I'm hoping that throwing in a daily comic will help give me the edge to beat my fellow Blue Ant Media (Bite's parent company) employees in raising donations.

As I've mentioned on this comic before my father had breast cancer (yeah that wasn't a joke), which is so rare in men that most of the nurses thought my mom was the one coming in for treatment. 

Here is my Movember page if you feel charitable but otherwise just come back to read poorly written clip art comics and spread the word.

Tune in tomorrow for the first pic of a moustache that will make it illegal for me to be within 50 yards of a children's hospital as well as a comic that will actually try and be funny. 

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